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Hello my name is Johnny, my wife Classy and I own Ultimate Mobile Tires.

El Paso, TX. is where my love of hard work started, working with my uncle at his muffler shop full time. I was young, driven and wanted more of a challenge, so I started college and started working in the restaurant business to pay the bills.  I soon found that my passion was for customer service and the restaurant industry. After years of bartending someone took me under their wing and asked me to manage a restaurant and I have always thrived with a challenge so I accepted.  Over time, I found myself managing different restaurants, from chains to fine dining establishments. I was always making sure customers came first. 

While living in Santa Fe, NM. Something clicked. I was ready for a new challenge.  I saw a new building going up around the corner from my house. It was a TIRE STORE.  I applied and started as a tech, one month later I was promoted by the VP to the assistant manager. Thirteen years later I retired from the TIRE STORE  where I was a Senior Manager in Las Cruces, NM, so I can follow my dream of having my own business.  From Santa Fe to Las Cruces, Classy has always been by my side; her management and business experience is something that will complement my tire expertise. This is a family owned business has been built with a lot ton of hard work. Something that neither one of us shy away from.

We are excited to share our dream with you.

Welcome to our Ultimate Mobile Tire family! 

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